Challenge to the common European market

Foreign markets are not easy to win. Although Poland has long been a member of the European Union, our public procurement and construction laws differ from those in other EU markets, which may be a considerable barrier to entry by Polish contractors. Well aware of that, the PKP Energetyka Northern Branch (Zakład Północny) has started to take steps to meet the Lithuanian market’s requirements in that respect.

In order to legally carry out any construction project in Lithuania, the contractor needs to hold relevant construction licences. The title of a construction engineer may be obtained after completing studies in construction engineering. The right to act as managers of construction projects in Lithuania is granted to architects and construction engineers who obtained their qualifications in the Republic of Lithuania or another EU country. Engineers from countries other than Lithuania are eligible after they receive a certificate of competence, which is necessary to ensure that their qualifications gained somewhere else, e.g. in Poland, are recognised in Lithuania.

Therefore, an engineer applying for recognition of their construction qualifications in Lithuania must first obtain a relevant certificate. Such document may be issued to individuals who have undergone training and passed a relevant exam before the board of Statybos produkcijos sertifikavimo centras (SPSC), the Lithuanian Building Materials Certification Centre. Such training, followed by final exams, has recently been organised at the Northern Branch. It was attended by seven employees. They all passed the exam, obtaining the construction qualifications required by Lithuanian law. The qualification certificates are the first step to entering the Lithuanian market.

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